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Today, we’ll talk about a number of Google Chrome extensions for organization that can help you collect resources from around the web to use in your classroom. These extensions, along with those recommended to help you save time, can really step up your browsing game.

These extensions are useful in saving resources, organizing websites, and categorizing content from around the web.


Wakelet allows you to save any website or online resource for reference later on. You can create collections around a theme or topic to organize for yourself or for others.

You can use Wakelet to build a resource library for your PLC or your entire school with a few clicks of the mouse using the Wakelet Chrome extension.

To see an example, take a look at my Wakelet collection at – I’m adding more resources to it over time!

One Tab

OneTab keeps you organized while you browse. With OneTab, you can convert all of your open tabs into a single list, decluttering your browser.

Once you have your list in OneTab, you can reopen all tabs, save them, or delete them. You can rename a list and save it for later, or just reopen the tabs at your convenience.

Here’s a quick demo of how OneTab works:

Google Keep

Google Keep is a favorite tool of educators across the globe and the accompanying Chrome extension is a great tool. It helps to save the resources and web pages used most often and organize them across platforms.

You can also add notes, reminders, and labels, and then group into categories for easy access later on. Google Keep also sinks across your Chromebook and other devices so that you can stay organized on the go.


So what do you do once you’ve installed all of your new Chrome extensions? Keep them organized with Extensity. Extensity allows you to turn all Chrome extensions on or off with a single click.

It stores them in an easy-to-read list that keeps your Chrome browser clean and running quickly. You can also disable extensions that you don’t use often or keep your most popular ones, like the ones shared today, at the top of the list.

What are some of your favorite Chrome extensions for organization that you didn’t see in this list? Drop a comment below and share this post with others!