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Chrome extensions add functionality that not only makes your life as a teacher easier but can aid your students in their class work. We’ve taken a look at Chrome extensions for organization and to save time. Today, we’ll talk about several Chrome extensions for student collaboration and how you and your students can use them right away.

Whether students are reading, researching, or preparing a presentation, there’s a Chrome extension that can help to bring students together to share their ideas.

Scrible Toolbar

Let’s start with Scrible Toolbar, which helps increase collaboration while students are researching and exploring on the internet. With this tool, students can highlight, underline, and add sticky notes to information from all over the web. Once they’ve saved their annotations, Scribble Toolbar can also show previous notes whenever a student returns to a given page.

Google Cast for Education

With Google Cast for education, both teachers and students can turn their screens into projectors to show new ideas and get help when they run into challenges.

With this tool, teachers can project directly to student devices and share content. They can also allow students to share their screens to the entire class. This extension frees teachers up to walk around the classroom, guide students in a more flexible way, and enable more student-led learning with their classes.


Another recommended extension is Kami. With Kami, teachers can create assignments, take notes, and collaborate on any document or PDF. Through the extension, students can use a digital pen to annotate passages or add voice memos with their thoughts, reactions, and ideas. Students can then save and share their thoughts with classmates to drive rich discussion. Teachers can also leverage Kami to easily assess student work and share feedback and ideas with their students.


Screencastify allows you to record your screen, voice, and webcam to make quick videos that can automatically save to Google Drive.

Students can use Screencastify to share ideas quickly through video and clearly show their thinking on a problem or a project.

Google Keep

Google Keep allows students to save websites or documents as they browse and create shareable notes. They can use these notes to share ideas or import the notes into a Google Doc for reference or document creation.