One of the most powerful tools in the Google suite of tools is the search bar itself. The original Google tool, Google search offers so much more than just searching for the latest Kardashian news or mean tweets bashing your favorite (or least favorite) politician.

Using Google Search in the classroom can give your students instant access to information they can readily use on projects and empower them to discover their own solutions.

Translation on the Fly

Yes, you can use Google Translate to learn what “expecto patronum” means in English, or you can just type “what does expecto patronum mean in english” into the Google Search bar.

Yes, even Muggles can use these special powers to learn words in other languages. No trip to Ollivanders for a wand is necessary.

Currency Conversions

At some point, your students (or you) may need to know how many euros are in a Bitcoin. Or any other currency.

With a simple search, you can access real-time conversion charts and change currency values right from Google Search

Public Data Search

Ever wanted your students to look at population growth, whether at the local, state, or national level?

With Google search, you can quickly access public data charts that students can use in projects or real-world math applications.

Probability Experiments

Roll a die. Flip a coin. Spin a wheel. All of these probability experiments can be accessed with a simple Google search.

Animal Sounds

Yes, even the little ones can find cool info with Google Search. Studying farm animals? Search “animal sounds” and your students can hear common animals like pigs, cows, and Komodo dragons (those are common, right?) as if they were right next to your students.

Don’t stand next to the Komodo dragon, though. They seem fierce…

That’s it for these Google Search tricks. How will you use them in the classroom? Leave a comment below and if you found this helpful, share with your friends!