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A common question I hear from many people is this, “I want to make a copy of this document but I want to be able to access it quickly later.”

No worries. With a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll have your own copy of a document AND have quick access to it in your own Google Drive, while sharing it only with the person you want to share with most: yourself.

When you have the document you want to make a copy of open in Google Chrome, simply click on the “File” menu and select “Make a Copy”

You’ll then see a small window at the center of your screen. You’ll have the opportunity to change the name of the copy (by default it is called “Copy of…”).

You’ll then be able to choose where you would like the copy to be stored. By default, it will store in the same folder as the original document. If a folder is accessed regularly by a dozen people all making their own copy of every document, that folder could get very cluttered very quickly.

However, if you change the folder with the second option box in the window, you can save the copied document to a folder in your Google Drive rather than the shared folder.

For those folks that are members of a number of shared folders, this tip can come in very handy indeed.