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As we continue to expand the number of student devices in classrooms across the district, classroom management becomes more complicated. However, good classroom management is good classroom management, regardless of the “devices” in use, whether they are Chromebooks or pencil and paper.

Here are some ideas to help you in establishing routines and expectations when you have devices in your classroom:

Getting the Attention of Your Students

You likely already have a signal to let your students know you need their attention. Consider ways you can modify that practice to account for devices in your room. Signals specific for devices might be “Screens Forward!” where students turn their screens to face the teacher or “45 your screens!” directing students to close their Chromebooks halfway and turn their attention to the teacher.

Device Care and Responsibility

Devices are, and will continue to be, a significant financial investment. We have a responsibility to be good stewards of that investment and to ensure our students are good stewards. Reinforce and practice good device care by reminding students to close their Chromebook before walking across the room, making sure devices are not left on the floor, only using devices on flat, stable surfaces like desks or tables, and by keeping liquids away from devices.

Device Movement and Transitions

Many of our devices travel from room to room multiple times throughout the day, providing learning opportunities to as many students as possible. It’s important that we establish common guidelines for how these devices travel and the expectations we have for students as they take responsibility for transporting Chromebooks and other devices. Taking time to practice with students and communicate these common expectations is time well spent to ensure that students continue to have the opportunity to use these devices to expand their learning opportunities and to aid teachers in streamlining tasks.

For more ideas on classroom management with devices, check out Classroom Management in the Digital Age at