In a previous post, we looked several things you can do from within the Google search bar in your Chrome web browser. To follow that up, here’s a few more things you can do right in your search bar

Reverse Image Search

Ever have a picture that you wanted more info on, like where it was taken or what the monument is called in the picture? With reverse image search, your answers are just a click away.

When you visit Google Images, you can upload a picture from your computer and Google will compare that image to others across the web, displaying relevant information about your image.

Advanced College Search

For older students, searching for information about colleges can be time-consuming. However, recent updates to Google search now reveal information about four-year universities, all in one place.

Search for a four-year university and instantly find information on admissions, cost, available programs and more right at your fingertips.

Search for Information on Any Website

You can use Google search to not only search the web but inside of individual websites.

Just type “site:” in the search bar and your search results will be determined by information on that specific site.

What’s Next

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