New Teacher Training 

Welcome to Bardstown City Schools! During your training today, we’ll cover a few topics that will help you learn about our technology initiative and how they support you and your students.

Task 1 : An Introduction

Meet Mike Paul, Digital Learning Coach, and see what you know about G Suite for Education tools with Quizizz.

Task 2 : Google Certified Educator Level 1

This year, our district is supporting an initiative to have every educator obtain their Level 1 Google Certified Educator credential.

Learn more about this program, what it means for you, and how you will be supported.

Task 3: Thinking About Technology Integration

Technology integration is about more than converting paper assignments to digital assignments. Learn about the 4 Shifts protocol and how we will use it to create deeper learning experiences for our students.

Mike Paul

Digital Learning Coach

My job is to help you integrate technology in your classroom in meaningful ways to engage our students in deeper learning experiences that go beyond test scores and help prepare them for their futures.