Are you a math teacher? Are you trying to find ways to use Google Apps (G Suite for EDU) in your classroom?

As a math teacher myself, there seems to be an ongoing struggle to integrate technology in the math classroom. Outside of using calculators, it seems as though math teachers often get stuck with little to no technology integration in their classrooms.

Enter the brilliant mind of Alice Keeler and her book “Teaching Math with Google Apps”.

In this article, I’ll share my Teaching Math with Google Apps book review and give you some insight into what you’ll learn from this book and how you can impact your students with meaningful technology integration.

What are Google Apps?

First, let’s talk about what Google Apps are and why they’re important in the current education landscape. G Suite for EDU (formerly Google Apps for Education) is a suite of tools that offer collaborative workspaces for teachers and students at no cost.

With G Suite for EDU, students can collaborate on projects, access digital tools that can transform learning, and share their work with audiences outside the walls of their classroom.

In math class, the flexibility of G Suite for EDU tools allows students to demonstrate their learning in ways not possible or at least not easily accomplished before.

How do you take advantage of these apps? Alice Keeler has 50 ideas for you in her book.

Teaching Math with Google Apps Book Review

In this book, you’ll get Alice’s unique viewpoint into using Google Apps to make math digital. Through the 50 examples and templates in the book (plus more in the resources), you’ll get a boatload of ideas to begin using Google Apps in your math classroom and perhaps spark some ideas for using other digital tools in your math class.

One of my favorite tools to use in math class is Google Drawings. Often overlooked, Google Drawings can provide you a way to use digital unit blocks and algebra tiles and even have your students create shapes on graph paper, all without using a single sheet of real paper!

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s simply a must for every math teacher who is exploring a shift to the digital realm.

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